Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My First Comment!!

It is true...it is very exciting when someone responds to your reflections about a passion. But the best part is the sharing and the compassion that you are not alone in this frustration about how our schools are handling very slowly the access of the Web 2.0 technologies for our students. We need to be part of the solution and the discussion of how we can make the technology work for our kids. In just the past 2 weeks of opening these blogs and reading, I have learned a great deal.

Before I dreaded my time on the computer, to do the mundane "doing" of responding to emails, etc. Now I find that the blogging fulfills a passion and the essence of why I am in this career of special education/ speech pathology. For those of you that read this...I encourage you to take the plunge and develop an aggregate reader at google and also start reading some blogs and creating posts. It will stir your creative juices.

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