Monday, April 30, 2007

Future of Technology...This is Wild!

Check out this article
Here is an excerpt that I found very powerful in the field of Special Education:

  • Imagine that the rooms in your house can sense the people who enter and adjust the art, lighting, temperature, etc. to reflect individual preferences.
  • Imagine the memory augmentation assistance that you could get from a sensor in your eyeglasses that could register the identity of the person walking toward you and quickly say into your ear her name and how you know her.

WOW! As a baby boomer entering into retirement and a family history of dementia this is good news! I especially like the eyeglass person recognition many times have you had a conversation with someone...and there name is literally on the tip of your tongue!

But the other application I see is in the field of cognitive disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury. This technological advances could help compensate for cognition that has not developed or that has been lost...

I remember when I first started my career and heard that you could pay your bills with a computer and not need to mail them...and here it has been a reality for several years.

Anything is possible!

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